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Purchases made from Christine Sherratt will be a contract made in England and agreements are subject to English law.

Any changes to Terms and Conditions can be updated as required and any products purchased from this date are subject to the new revised terms.

All laws and regulations must be adhered to wherever the products are imported to. No warranty is given by Christine Sherratt as to the legality of the products at the location where they were received.

All products are seen as fit for the purpose that it is intended.

Any purpose is determined by you the customer and Christine Sherratt cannot be held responsible for uses unforeseen.

Any defect should be reported as soon as possible . Christine Sherratt is not liable for any consequences of following any advice given as this is beyond her control.

Christine Sherratt is not liable for loses in excess of the cost of the product specific to your particular circumstances, or as a direct or consequential or attributable loss of profit or damage to property, or for wasted expenditure.

It is with good faith that Christine Sherratts products are safe and without risk to health if used correctly. The advice
given by Christine Sherratt should not be used as an adequate risk assessment as required under Health and Safety legislation. If you are unsure of the safe use of the products or you become aware of any risk to health and safety please contact us.


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Fabric colours can vary due to differences in computer visual monitors and the printing times of the fabric. It is advised that large quantities of fabric are ordered at the same time to ensure  fabric is colour matched.

Fabric samples may be requested at a charge of £1 per sample.

Please email your sample request to info@christinesherratt.com

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